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Garden Report & Maintenance Programs

The Garden Report is a personalized report on how to enhance your current garden into a Birds Bees & Butterflies oasis!

What’s Included?

  • A Home Visit (tour current garden, discuss likes/dislikes and dreams for your garden)
  • photographs of your garden to capture current state
  • take stock of current flowers, feeders, water source available, housing available, etc.
  • pollinator specific perennial and annual flowers, shrubs and bush recommendations
  • creative ideas to compliment your existing garden or plans for a fresh start
  • recommendations on bird feeder options and location 
  • and much, much more!

Next Steps?

  • Feel inspired and you’ve got this? Take your report and head to the garden shop to get started!
  • Feel inspired but overwhelmed or like you’d rather snap your fingers and have your garden transformed? We have Garden Services that will absolutely meet your requirements.
Spring up to Summer Package
  • Garden Launch! We will handle everything needed to start your garden on the right path.
  • Garden Report is discounted if this option is selected
  • See Spring up to Summer detail below
    Falling into Winter Package
    • Garden Wrap-Up! We will handle everything needed to put your garden to sleep for the winter.
    • Garden Report is discounted if this option is selected
    • See Falling into Winter detail below
    Set for the Season Garden Maintenance Package
    • Spring up to Summer and Falling into Winter included
    • Let us do all the DIRT work for you all season long!
    • Garden Report is FREE if this option is selected
    • See Season Garden Maintenance detail below

    The DIRT Work – A Sample of What You May See Us Do

    • collect debris and bag for collection
    • winter debris collected and bagged for collection
    • prepare beds for planting
    • pruning of shrubs and hedges
    • perennials and annuals attended
    • weeding, weeding, weeding
    • edging garden area
    • soil turning
    • soil and mulch top up
    • if no one is looking, chatting it up with the birds! 


      Spring up to Summer starts at $30.00
      Falling into Winter starts at $30.00
      Garden Report $69.00
      Garden Report Gift Card $69.00