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Autumn To Do List

Every year like clock work Mother Nature gently lets us know that fall is just around the corner.  The days are shorter, the mornings can be quite a bit cooler but our pollinators are still busy at work by mid-day.  As we see our gardens blossom in full bloom, we realize that there is still much to do in the fall…

  • Birds who migrate are prepping for travel and rely heavily on backyard feeders to supplement their diets and fuel their migratory journey. Preparing an assortment of options is the way to go, for example; sunflower/nyger seed feeders, platform feeders, suet feeders.  When fall migration ends, your feeders will support your winter residents all season long.
  • Take a walk around your garden, what is working, what isn’t.
    • Do you need to divide any perennials?
    • Do you need to relocate any perennials or add new plants?
    • How about planting some spring-flowering bulbs?
  • Prepare new garden beds, ready for spring
  • Prune away dead foliage or tidy beds leaving foliage for wild garden purposes
  • Apply mulch to tender perennials as the ground starts to freeze
  • Remember to water all shrubs and evergreens until the ground freezes
  • Be sure young trees are well watered for winter
  • Protect pyramidal evergreens, rhododendrons and other shrubs using burlap screens
  • Last but not least – get planning for next year, plan a new garden, order seeds for spring

If this feels daunting, you don’t have the time or you would just like a little help to get your gardens pollinator ready for Spring 2020, please check out our Falling into Winter gardening services at  

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