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Natures Garden Party Hummingbird Clear Nectar - No Dye

No dye means its safe and nutritious for your hummingbirds.

Product Description

A hummingbird nectar mix that provides birds with a very close substitute for flower nectar. It is a blend of 3 different sugars plus vitamin C and other added nutrients. No colouring is added in order to avoid any possible harm this additive may cause the birds. The colouring on feeders is more than enough to attract potential dinner guests.

Our Nature’s Garden Party brand of hummingbird nectar is to be mixed in a 4:1 ratio with water in order to mimic flower nectar as closely as possible. Make sure to boil the mixture for a minute or two and then to allow to cool before filling feeders. Extra nectar may be store in the refrigerator.

Made in Canada

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