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BUNDLE SAVING $10.00 plus Free Delivery on a Two Feeder Set - Nyjer & Seed Feed with 91" Double Shepherds Hook

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Two Feeder Set with Double Shepherds Hook
  • 1 Nyger Tube Feeder with Nyger Fill
  • 1 Seed Tube Feeder with Seed Fill
  • 1 91" Double Shepherds Hook

    Invite the Chickadees, Goldfinches, Nuthatches and Finches to name a few into your backyard.  Sit back and enjoy their antics while they gather for some nourishment.

    Aspects Thistle Medium Brass - Quick-Clean Medium Nyjer Tube Feeder, Antique Brass $42.95 

    Aspects Quick-Clean Medium Seed Tube Feeder, Spruce Green $43.95

    91" Double Shepherds Bird Feeder Hook $41.50